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GENESIS is a Candidate Assessment Tracking tool designed by experienced Assessors, Approved Centre Administrators and Awarding Organisation Consultants to provide CAS Facilitators with cost effective solutions to monitor Candidates working towards Competence Certification.

GENESIS has been built by IT Professionals around existing IT software  to allow a seamless integration and stability with existing Operating Systems and IT Protocol.

Security Gateways provide system protection and limitations to data input all under the control of the Administrator.



Qualifications, Candidates, Assessors, Internal Verifiers and Assessment Locations can be added, allocated and updated by following established IT methods.

Tracking Candidates progress could not be easier. When adding Competence Qualifications the application identifies the qualification structure by individual Units of Competence and in turn calculations percentage values against the full qualification. The system even recognises qualifications that may contain Mandatory and Optional Units of Competence.

Allocated Assessors can update individual Candidates progress by marking each UoC “Complete”. This calculates progress as a % of the full qualification.

Final verification is strictly limited to the allocated Internal Verifier

The Company/Location option allows reportable opportunities to Competence Coordinator, Managers and controllable Third Parties against a range of variables all accessible for printing and distribution.

GENESIS  offers Master and Slave functions allowing several individual Slave Users to report to a Master User. This is favourable to Approved Centres that work within National Frameworks under the control of an Awarding Organisation.



  • V2t don't believe in reinventing the wheel and this reflects favourably in the price. GENESIS retails at £1,120.00 exclusive of VAT.
  • Already tracking Candidates but looking for a better system? V2t offer an Uploading Service into GENESIS. Price on application.
  • If you would like an on-line demonstration of the functions and capabilities of GENESIS contact us at GENESIS

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