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Process Operations Remote Training And Learning takes existing Operational Procedures Manuals and converts them into a unique interactive training tool.

Each PORTAL Unit will contain the key learning instructions and operational data from clients approved procedures, photos,  graphics and self assessment exercises aimed at judging the learning outcomes of PORTAL users.

PORTAL  also offers a range of Technical Data Sheets that provides users to expand their knowledge on a range of systems, equipment as well as operational principals and philosophies.

Due to PORTAL’s innovative design clients can decide on the  content and complexity of each PORTAL unit. This “building block” approach provides a cost effective solution to identified training gaps.

PORTAL can be developed in both HTML and DVD formats. For clients wishing to host PORTAL on their company networks we can also offer the following functionalities:

  • Administrative Tools
  • User Tracking
  • Self Assessment Reports
  • PORTAL Editing Tool

If you would like to arrange for a detailed demonstration of PORTAL please contact

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To view the functions and capabilities of PORTAL click below.

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